Who is the mind & soul of              Simply b food explorers?

Chef Vítor de Oliveira

& Sandra Tavares

As a cuisine chef and a former journalist, we´ve spent years investigating, traveling, cooking, and tasting in different regions of Portugal, visiting compelling sights - those well known and those off the beaten track - comparing small boutique hotels, wine and delicacies producers, also traditional as well as Michelin star restaurants, tourism experiences and establishing along the way trustful relationships with local guides, cuisine chefs, delicacies producers, artists, local public representatives, and many other interesting people.

These experiences provided us with enough knowledge to become Food & Wine travel designers, excited to share all this with you so that you can benefit from an extensive network of connections, privileges, and arrangements already in place.

Based in Porto City, in the north of Portugal, we know the most hidden corners of Douro Valley and the North of Portugal, not only through the palate but also through the stories told by the local people, traditions lived with family members and culinary events organized by wine, gastronomy and tourism institutions.

And so, we challenge you to visit and explore this magnificent region in an exclusive way, learn to cook the most traditional recipes with us, as well as their origins and production méthods, visit vineyards, small delicatessen and wine producers while tasting flavors that you'll never forget!

Trust us to guide you through the best "Quintas", boutique hotels, and exquisite and traditional restaurants, providing you with the best culinary experiences of your life! 

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey through the flavors, sun, sea, mountains, and of course, unforgettable wines!

Let's make a toast to the finest things in life!