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Food & Wine Tours in Porto!

In our Culinary Experience with the Chef you will be fully involved in the preparation of your own menu, from picking the ingredients in the local market, to the cooking itself when you arrive to our exclusive rooftop kitchen where your private chef will prepare for you a Portuguese meal. 

Porto is one of the most beautiful and storied cities in Portugal. Join us as we visit centuries of historical heritage, explore hidden corners and get to know firsthand the soul of Porto, in this unique, exclusive and Exclusive Walking Tour, specially tailored just for you!

Small bites will give you great pleasure, this is a known fact for everyone that tastes our storied and delicious delicacies. Join us as we take you around the city, and enjoy these pieces made from the very soul of Porto on our Delicacies Tour!

Portuguese gastronomy is one of the most varied, unique, and delicious of the world. On our Food Tour, you will taste some of the most typical portuguese dishes, jams, olive oils, sweets, and more, all the while you will also learn all about how it's all made, and each bite will be filled with historical knowledge!

Our Vintage Tours are the greatest blend of class, charm, comfort, and glamour, with highly customizable programs at your disposal!
Join us as we discuss the best experience to fit your personal profile!

Perfectly crafted to fill your heart with excitement on each step you take, and make your tastebuds dance with delight as you taste the delicious local gastronomy, on our Adventure Tour you will find all manners of tasty adrenaline filled challenges!