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Food & Wine Tours in the north of portugal!

The Minho region is home to one of the most extraordinary wine regions in the world, while also being the biggest one in Portugal. The wine sharing the name with the region perfectly embodies adventure, charm, romance, history, elegance, lightness and freshness. Come and discover this wine paradise on our Vinho Verde Tours!

Portugal is Europe's oldest official Nation-State, with almost 800 years of existence. Our roots can be found in Braga and Guimarães, there we can find, and taste, some of the most pure portuguese gastronomic experiences while also visiting monuments that have shaped our entire history, come and learn all there is to know about the legendary Origins of Portugal!

With glamorous gastronomy, a beautiful art deco city with kilometers of water canals and a natural heritage in harmony with civilization, our Aveiro & Costa Nova programs show you this magical and colourful region, all the while respecting local traditions and the nature around us. Come and set out to discover it with us!

Do you enjoy tasting excellent wines and sample gastronomy that can only have come from heaven? Do you want to relax while playing your favorite sport? How about enjoying incredible landscapes that are unique in the world? If you answered yes to all these questions, we're absolutely positive that the Golf & Wine tour is perfect for you, if it isn't we can tailor it for you until it is!

We invite everyone who has a great love for nature to follow its call and explore all the unknown paths, get to know the natural habitats of fantastic wild animals and unleash the adventurer within you while we take you across the mountains of the North with the uniqueness of our Nature & Adventure Tour!

Secret places are our best treasures, and the one we value the most is the most genuine Portugal! It is with this motto that our Best Kept Secret Tour is based on. Join us as we take you on a remarkable journey to the mountainous region of our country, where you can observe and take part in the centuries-old traditions of our ancestors, so unknown to the Portuguese that it's even a "secret". Come and unveil it with us!