Culinary Experience with the Chef!

Discover new flavors, appreciate good food, and taste fantastic wines!  
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Wherever you go in Portugal, our identity is fully connected with food and wines. Flavors are part of our history, reveal our passions, and will provide memorable moments to you, whether you´re alone, or in the company of your family and friends!

The question is that we strongly believe "good things in life are to be lived" so, the Culinary Experience with the Chef provides exactly that: a one-on-one exchange of experiences starting in the local market of Matosinhos near the beach or in the Bolhão Market of Porto, where besides knowledge, an explosion of colors and flavors will invade your senses capturing your attention to the different vegetables and fruits, strange fish and smoked meats. The ingredients are yours to choose but the recipe will be completely Portuguese style. After all, our food is one of the best in the world, don't you agree?

The rooftop fit for up to 18 people, where the culinary session occurs, is simply breathtaking! The open kitchen area, the living and dining room, plus the cozy terrace, will be prepared exclusively for you to enjoy - not only the chef´s culinary skills - but also the gorgeous panoramic view over the city center, while tasting a complete menu with Portuguese wine pairing. What a treat!

Culinary experiences can also be provided in other places in town by request. 

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